Sunday, April 5, 2009

Think of Anh Yeu.

Em Nho Anh Nhieu.

Write , Tears, Sleep, Dream, Wake, Empty, Dry.

Em Nho Anh Nhiue Nhiue Nhiue Nhiue Nhiue.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

In Case We Die

Architecture In Helsinki - In Case We Die(Album name)

Architecture in Helsinki is an Australian musical collective based in the suburb of Northcote in Melbourne. The group consists of Cameron Bird, Gus Franklin, Jamie Mildren, Sam Perry, and Kellie Sutherland.

Thanks to Ryan Albrey Douglas(My Ex-colleague) who dedicate this nice band to me :P, their musics are nice and unique~ Oh and it's cute too :D

The Cemetery


Some picture of Architecture in Helsinki:

Cute peoples, nice musics...

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Chúng Tôi Đi Pangkor... (Part 2)

Continue from the Pangkor Trip topic... ah, it's been awhile i started this topic... busy recently, don't have much time to post my beloved blog..., sorry I'm late my blog~

Anyway, some pictures chosen to post in here, hope your eyes like it...

Bunch of kids, playing sand :-O

Games under hot sun :-O

Games at cool night (Team Fox)
*Ow.. I proud of it, we get champion for 'Acting Competition'... and more :-P....

Food is what I enjoy the most during this trip... owww... I ate a lot, good food


Food pictures are always my favorite...

Some scenery At 'Pangkor Island Beach Resort'...

Poor Jelly fish... wanting to back to the it's home....
Well... but it had to R.I.P

Thas all for Pangkor trip...

End the post with this pictures of us... is unforgettable, It's my 1st time having a trip with so many peoples.

... Longing to travel with Anh Yêu ...

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Chúng Tôi Đi Pangkor... (Part 1)

31st October 2008--Company trip, Friday morning we gather at our office, get ready to Pangkor Island...

Well... not so keen to write a lot, so... pictures more ok..

Have to check our pregnancy's health condition before the trip start...

Ok... seem 'she' is healthy enough to go...

The baby is so cute... want to look after her temporary :P

Take every chance to take photos...

Take photos with colleagues...

No comment...

Speechless.... :P

We're shopping for awhile at Lumut, before taking boat to Pangkor Island.

Always don't forget to take photos , even during shopping...

Waiting for the boat, that take us to the island.

Well, happy faces, but hot sun... heat... and .. Pangkor Island we reached...

The band welcome us with songs, They named them self "The Jet", from Philippine , nice voice they have, nice music, nice faces, nice... anything... :P

---So sleepy, continue later ok...---

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Where have you been....

"Where have you been?

I haven't felt you around lately..."

"Oh, please... I've been so around."

Such a nice movie it is... Tears can out from eyes for this movie.

Oh! by the way, Don't watch this movie alone, watch it with 'someone' , It would be very~ very nice~.

I'm glad i have this show for my 1st movies sharing section. So long~

P.S. I Love You

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

One day, when we get old already, we smile....

" One day you'll understand how much you have me

One day you'll realise we have it easy

I can't offer you the future - I don't know it myself

All I can offer you is me

I'm all I can offer you right now "

I accepted that. Anh Nhớ Em...

Tôi Hiểu , Tôi biết... Anh Yêu Em Mãi Mãi~

Saturday, October 18, 2008

About the Blog..

Mainly the blog is about Arts, Movies, Musics, Feelings, Life, is almost about everything, well... just almost .. not all...

I recently finished a drawing, well... just put something in my empty blog...
Is different from the original what i plan to.. but is ok... I'm ok with it.


Hmm... I haven't think of what title should i name this drawing... any idea...?